• A Leading Company in Strengthening Security and Defense Infrastructure

  • Services that integrate all the necessary infrastructure


Founded in 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we specialize in providing advanced defense and security solutions along with the supply of equipments and technology to the Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior, and other defense and security authorities. We provide premium levels of services to our customer backed by highly experienced staff. At CIMA Security Solutions, we absolutely seek to build alliances and collaborations in defense by entering into long-term partnerships with strategic business partners, locally and globally. Our dedication and focus is aimed at moving into a complex system, supporting our clients’ tasks, and strengthening the security and defense scientific infrastructure.





To be one of the regional leading company in supporting our customers’ missions and strengthening security and defense scientific infrastructure


To solve complex challenges through innovative solutions and support the construction of research and development ( R&D) to help our clients aspiration to achieve regional safety and security.


Perfection in every second

innovative solutions to achieve regional safety and security.

24/7 communication

24/7 Communication to Support our customers Vision'

Quality Equipments

CIMA provides best and quality equipments.

Emergency help

CIMA Team always available to help their Customers


On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your interest in CIMA Safety and Security Solutions. At CIMA we promise to deliver high quality, personalized services to our clients and partners all the time CIMA takes great pride in the quality of services we deliver. The ethical principles we strictly adhere to and the undeniable professionalism displayed by every one of our employees as you begin to learn more and experience our quality of service, I assure you that we will add value to you as a client because of our team’s innovation and experience. Our Guarding personnel are qualified and trained according to international standards. The basic training includes security, HSSE, Medical and Emergency evacuation.

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