Who We Are

Founded in 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we specialize in providing advanced defense and security solutions along with the supply of equipments and technology to the Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior, and other defense and security authorities. We provide premium levels of services to our customer backed by highly experienced staff. At CIMA Security Solutions, we absolutely seek to build alliances and collaborations in defense by entering into long-term partnerships with strategic business partners, locally and globally. Our dedication and focus is aimed at moving into a complex system, supporting our clients’ tasks, and strengthening the security and defense scientific infrastructure.


As a security solution company, we have encountered many small and large corporate clients that were looking for a new security solution. Our accountabilities are to supply the security system with its various sectors the best support, as our highly experienced staff seeks to provide services at the highest levels. We also strive to provide a complex system to support our customers, using trusted allies and partners locally and scientifically. We enable us to maintain our vision of integrity, sustainability and ensuring business continuity.

Our Values


We offer priority to integrity and transparency in all areas of our business to ensure customers' confidence in our ability to meet and exceed international industry standards.


Where every member of our team believes in the noble goal of our company, which in turn contributes to the security and safety of our country and society.


Providing integrated services that integrate all the necessary infrastructures to provide solutions and full support to the security system.


Our strengths focus on building reliable local and regional partnerships that enhance our ability to build strong and robust defense security systems in line with current developments.


Commitment is one of our priorities. Our mission is to do our job in a timely manner to satisfy the customer. It is a major endeavor for us and we ensure continuous support throughout the use of our products.

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