Communication Systems

Services We Offered

We are able to successfully deliver all technologies in CIMA and develop them, Products for local markets and combustion to meet the needs of our customers, provide Technology and facilitate demand in the domestic market and Support technology transfer in the UAE. All this through arrange of effective services represented by: Supply of equipment in different field such as home land security, communication system, military services and system, firefighting, oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, IOT system (internet of things), training and use the GIS Space Aerospace. In addition to supplying, CIMA put very high attrition to support building of the infrastructure of research and development (R&D) to help our client’s aspiration to achieve regional safety.



  • IT Systems (Computers, laptops, fax machines.

  • Copiers, scanners, cartridges, scanners, printers etc.)

  • UHF/VHF Radios, battery cells and more).

  • Telecommunication (Satellite telephone, cell/mobile phones.

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