Services We Offered

We are able to successfully deliver all technologies in CIMA and develop them, Products for local markets and combustion to meet the needs of our customers, provide Technology and facilitate demand in the domestic market and Support technology transfer in the UAE. All this through arrange of effective services represented by: Supply of equipment in different field such as home land security, communication system, military services and system, firefighting, oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, IOT system (internet of things), training and use the GIS Space Aerospace. In addition to supplying, CIMA put very high attrition to support building of the infrastructure of research and development (R&D) to help our client’s aspiration to achieve regional safety.

CIMA Security solution provide experienced team which has extensive experience and techniques to successfully execute and implement government contracts that many other companies face. There are is very restricted standard to select the vendors and partners which mainly depend on rigorous delivery, pervious performance, and technical capabilities that exceed industry standards.


  • Life Support Services.
  • Streamlining procurement.
  • Mission critical support.
  • Global Reach.
  • Fuel.
  • Shortening the logistics pipeline.
  • War-ghterreadiness.
  • Worldwide logistics solutions.
  • Disaster preparedness.
  • Just-in-time services.
  • Strategic sourcing.
  • Supply chain enhancement.


  • Aircraft Systems & Subsystems.
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Logistics resources.
  • Armored vehicles including vans, trucks, sedans, and SUV’s.
  • Fuel System Support: Chemicals, Aircraft refueling systems, Storage tanks.
  • Aircraft Acquisition (Purchasing or Leasing).
  • Storage/fueling systems.
  • Passenger aircraft cargo.
  • Armament Capabilities (AMRAAM, Harpoon, AIM-9).
  • Aircraft Engines, Airframe, Controls, and Hydraulic Systems.
  • Energy power, Fuel, RADAR, INS, GPS, Communication VHF/UHF.


  • Turbine Combusting Frame 5 and 9 (GE Parts) to include: buckets, valves.
  • Heat exchangers, tubes, pipes, steel, and other unique hardware products.
  • Power generators (mobile and xed).
  • Fire detectors and ame transmitters.
  • Fire resistant oil, synthetic oil, and other specialty oils.
  • Transducers, fuel/motor pumps, and all associated parts.
  • Control cables.


  • Body Armor, batons, riot helmet, shin guards, and megaphones.
  • Security SystemsMilitary Supplies, Shields, riot gear, cooling vests.
  • Undercarriage mirror.
  • Duffle bags, tritium compasses, Alice packs, pistol belt, thermo gear, 1st aid.
  • Metal detector wand, Helmets, eye goggles, suspenders, medic bags, Handcuffs.
  • General shop vehicles, passenger buses, vans, water transport trucks, 4WD.
  • Mace and pouch.
  • MRE’S MealsReady to Eat.
  • Dutybelt and keepers, flashlight, First Aid Kit.
  • Police Cars, trucks, command control vehicles, fire.
  • Mobile Hydraulic Crane and replacement parts (up to 100 tons).
  • Body armor vests (up to level IV) and chemical suits.


  • IT Systems (Computers, laptops, fax machines.
  • Copiers, scanners, cartridges, scanners, printers etc.)
  • UHF/VHF Radios, battery cells and more).
  • Telecommunication (Satellite telephone, cell/mobile phones.


  • AK-47s.
  • Unit level armors kit, ammunition.
  • All US made handguns, shotguns and US major selection weapons.
  • 9mm handguns.
  • Machine guns and associated accessories.
  • Cleaning kits (oil and bore brushes.
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